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IBOMB as leading portable audio supplier we are producing over a million mini speaker per annum, currently we are selling product to over 70 countries.IBOMB Have No.1 Technology team and design team, we can continue working in front of audio world.

IBOMB is fast developing international digital products brand, which has being sold in over 70 countries with classic quality and win the market and user's support.

Type one: Exclusive Distributorship (5 year):
Territory: Only one partner has exclusive distributorship in one territory.
Pricing: IBOMB is operating international RRP/retail recommended prices (In USA and Euro), Therefore distributors can arrange promotional prices or discount depend local market needs. But should not be lower than IBOMB marketing request price.
Sales target and plan: Every exclusive distributor should match minimum sales target and also has a plan for growing annually.
Product: Exclusive distributor should run minimum 3 model products in a year.

Type two: Non-exclusive distributorship (3 years)
Territory: Non exclusive distributor can apply to any territory, they can buy from local exclusive distributor or they can buy form IBOMB directly if no exclusive distributor in their area.
Pricing:IBOMB is operating international RRP/retail recommended prices (In USA and Euro), and therefore distributor should sell IBOMB product based on IBOMB RRP.Meanwhile distributor can arrange promotional prices or discount depend local market needs. Promotion or discount cannot be lower than IBOMB company limited.
Sales target and plan: As normal level distributorship, non-exclusive distributor does not have sales target, however IBOMB do have right to stop business relationship if non-exclusive distributor's activities have already damaged IBOMB existing sales channel or brand images in the market.
Product: Non-exclusive distributor can sell all IBOMB products, non-exclusive distributor can apply to exclusives sales for maximum 2 models in each year.

Type Three: Special channel sales distributorship (3 years)
This is a special distributorship for multi-national large-size retailer only.

Online store design template available, we provide allowance of web store setup or we build up web store for distributor, we can set up link with IBOMB official web site.

Product handbook, guidance video available for all IBOMB products. Distributor can arrange visiting us in China, we provide face to face training to distributors.

All current products are available for orders with each minimum of quantity, IBOMB also sends newsletter for new product launch and promotions, the supply and production lead time should discuss each other base on quantity. Please contact us for further pricing structure.

IBOMB and its related brand name and images are registered, we and business partners should protect those copyright, any counterfeiting and infringement are illegal and should be stopped.

Operational and management skills:
Healthy and stable business is being managed by professional management team, clear business strategies in business development.

Local market knowledge.
Good existing sales network.
Good understanding of the business, better to make a business proposal might help each other.

Stock control
We strongly suggest that distributor set up stock inventory and forecast for local market. Alternatively distributor should have ability for customer services and maintenance.

As a brand we have a clear and structured international expansion strategy that highlights which markets we intend to enter in the coming years.

Step one:Apply by submitting your market assessment and company profile. If your proposal is not inline with our international expansion strategy, you will be notified that your application was unsuccessful.

Step two:If your application is successful you will sign our confidentiality agreement and you will be supplied with P&L template to complete.

Step Three:We will invite your team to meet our distribution business heads and present your final business plan at our China office, We will present our detailed processes & requirements. Discuss & document the challenges or adaptations to operate in your market. We will plan a trip to your market to assess your existing business setup, visit proposed sites & make our final assessment of your business plan proposal.

Step Four:IBOMB will carry out a market visit.

Step five:If your company is successful we will seek our internal approval to develop our agreement and proposed market development.